Most Popular Italian Cocktails
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Most Popular Italian Cocktails

Italy has done a great deal of work to reinforce the appeal and glamor of cocktails. The cocktail trend boomed in the 1950s and Italy perfected the art of cocktail preparation. If you are looking for the best Italian cocktail, look no further. We have compiled a list of the most popular Italian cocktails that you should definitely try.


This is a coffee-based drink that is made with warm egg liquor topped with an espresso shot and whipped cream. It is served in glass mugs and comes in different varieties, including some types of brandy.

Ponce Livornese

This is a sweet-smelling drink that is made using sugar, rum, and lemon zest. The mix is heated before adding brewed coffee. It is believed that the drink was first created in the 17th century. It is commonly enjoyed in traditional bars and is served in short wide glasses referred to as gottino.

Negroni Sbagliato

The Negroni cocktail is a blend of sweet vermouth, prosecco, and Campri. To prepare this cocktail, the ingredients are put in a glass filled with ice, and then stirred gently. It is often garnished with orange peels.